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Noam Rubin Levi

Chief Operations manager with extensive knowledge and experience on operational systems, processes and customer focused global market relations. A natural problem solver aiding in dynamic workflows while remaining result-orientated and process driven. Skilled in multi-tasking, prioritizing and systemizing


Ella Alali

Product manager with a wealth of experience as a culinary advisor, having extensive knowledge on health and nutrition. Expert in restaurant and coffee house industry management


Guy Jacobi

Founder and manager at Pacific Grow, a Fiji based company with diverse experience in project management and innovative agricultural technology. Highly trained and qualified in various aspects. Creative thinker, with the ability to think outside the box.


Nimmy Raz

Professional with a diverse range of expertise. Project manager and sales manager with a passion for people. In addition, a certified reflexologist, yoga teacher and an expert in natural nutrition and health. 


Chandre Nell


Chief Financial Officer at Green On The Hill in South Africa. A focused individual, with an affinity for creating and maintaining customer-relations and client relationships. Packhouse operations management expert. A qualified zoologist understanding the connection between plants and animals. 

Operational Team


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