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New Sustainable
Agricultural Platform

To provide humanity a naturally healthy diet at fair prices
By building a sustainable food infrastructure that produces fresh wholesome crops, free from pesticides and chemicals, just as nature intended

For over 8 years, we’ve worked with world-renowned agro-researchers and engineers to cultivate our unique knowledge and expertise. Leveraging this knowledge, we have developed a unique concept: an advanced, fully controlled approach, based on hydroponics, aquaponics and soilless systems, growing perfect, fresh products.


R&D is integral to our DNA and the key to our competitive advantage. Every day we further our experience and develop new solutions for advancing our agricultural evolution. Pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology, we continue to make significant R&D investments with the goal of shaping the future through a unique program for developing crop protocols. We have the capability to create, selectively breeding varieties for hydroponic agriculture and soilless systems. All our varieties are non-GMO and produced using a 100% natural process.


Our integrative process involves monitoring, testing, optimization and research. In our advanced farm concept, we apply new farming techniques, create the perfect growing conditions, and test our crops through external professionals and testing laboratories.


Our mission is to cultivate fresh and delicious crops, just as nature intended. The latest technologies on our farms allows us to do this - empowering us to grow sustainable produce, of consistent, excellent quality, completely clean and free of pesticides.

Thanks to our research, our pursuit of the utmost quality, and our agronomic and entrepreneurial passion that inspires us to innovate, we continue to set the bar high, never settling for anything less than perfection.


How we do it:

We use advanced technology and sophisticated agricultural expertise to grow crops in a completely controlled environment. This allows us to consistently grow excellent plants all year round, without pesticides or chemical sprays, as nature intended.


Why we do it:

The fresh produce we eat may look healthy and nutritious, but with the amount of chemicals and sprays used in today’s modern agriculture, this is not the case. Environmental climatic conditions also affect the quality of produce. We believe in a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future, and strive to produce food that minimizes environmental damage. By creating a new agricultural roadmap for the future, we aim to feed the children of tomorrow with high quality, completely clean, natural produce.


We employ methods taught us by nature and integrate these with modern technology. Our investments in research, agronomy and agriculture have borne an alternative method for growing crops. 

Our Process:

אדמה ושורשים

Seeds And The Beginning Of Growth

Some plants are grown from seeds, while some are propagated from cuttings taken from our mother plants within our farm network. From seed, the utmost care is taken to ensure we conform to the highest quality standards.


The Root Zone

The foundation of a plant begins at its roots. Plants are sustained and nurtured by the nutrients present in the water or soil. Our agronomists have invested a tremendous amount of R&D to develop the best water parameters and soil environment for our plants, all inspired by nature.


Automatic Packaging

Before we pack our crops, our quality control team visually inspects our produce, ensuring they meet the very highest standards. Only then are we allowed to send them to our automatic packing line. With patent technology we prolong freshness and shelf-life.


Creating Optimal Growing Conditions

Our plants are exposed to the optimal light, temperature, and humidity to create perfect growing conditions for the first growing stage. Since we do not use pesticides, our farms adhere to high safety and hygiene standards ensuring the health of all our plants 


We Provide The
Original Food Of Nature!


The fruit, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and greens grown on our farms today are tested by specialized laboratories. Our farming and production methods follow a proven concept. That’s why our produce has the longest shelf life and freshness, and the highest taste and appearance ratings.

Our products are 100% clean and natural, and do not contain any chemical or biological materials. We use fertilizers that give our plants the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

Our plants are grown using a consistent methodology. We have defined a personal plant profile for each type of plant so that it can bloom all year round, regardless of any environmental conditions or other external factors. The meticulous care granted to our plants means consumers can enjoy a much longer shelf life for their preferred produce.

We protect our plants with minimum human intervention and are completely pesticide free. This dramatically reduces plant pollution and offers safer food intake.

Our fruit and vegetables have many different properties. Taste, texture, aroma and shape can all be used to enhance flavors in subtle and bold ways that reflect diverse cuisines around the world.


We believe that growing clean food helps make the world a healthier place.

FARM & CO works tirelessly to minimize its impact on the environment. We are serious about our environmental duty to sustain our precious global resources for the benefit of future generations.

To achieve this, we use an ecological and natural water cave, consuming 80-90% less water than any other form of agriculture. We encourage our employees to engage in feedback processes that makes us leaner and greener. We are pesticide free and only use natural and pure ingredients.




Advanced cultivation of medicinal and edible mushrooms across dozens of species and varieties.



We grow fresh and natural superfoods from around the world.



Construction of advanced hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems for commercial, domestic and educational use.

צבעי מאכל טבעיים


Natural, organic, high quality food colors at an attractive price.

IMG-20221013-WA0046 (1).jpg


Production of meat substitutes based on mushrooms, that are delicious, nutritious and healthy with the taste of real meat.



Natural, organic tobacco substitutes, free of tobacco and nicotine, in a large range of varieties.

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