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Scientific Team


Tiran Alali

Product manager with rich experience as a consultant. Wealth of knowledge and qualifications in health, wellness and nutrition. Extensive knowledge in adapting diets to seasons and menus, creating healthy yet flavorful combinations. Experienced in the restaurant and coffee shop industry. 


Dr. Shlomy Vainer

An earth scientist specializing in sediments and dryland environments. Extensive background in biogeochemistry with emphasis on mineralization and precipitation processes. Academically trained at HUJI(Israel), CEREGE (France) and UNIL (Switzerland).


Dr. Guy Mann

 A highly accomplished doctor in organic chemistry, with extensive qualifications in the fields of Molecular and Organic Chemistry. Disciplined individual, always applying creative solutions to his work environment, creating a better work experienced for everyone involved.  


Rowan Delport

Director of Green On The Hill hydroponic farm in South Africa. Bachelors of Science Honours in Botany, entrepeneur with a passion for business, science and agriculture. Consistently striving to develop new skills and expand knowledge base.


Juan Rabe

Director of Green on The Hill in South Africa, botanist and plant enthusiast. Passion for agriculture with a focus on irrigation and plant nutrient regimes.


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